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Buying a Luxury Car: SUV or Sedan

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When you are looking to buy a new car, the first question that would pop up in your mind is whether to buy a SUV or a sedan. With the availability of several SUVs that offer the comfort and luxury of a sedan along with their own distinctive features, the confusion is legitimate.

It is a general notion that when you are looking for comfort and luxury, the sedan is the best option. But with the car manufacturers making the SUVs equally luxurious and comfortable, the onus of choice is now on the preference and budge of the consumer.

Comparison between SUV and Sedan

While you can compare the price list of SUV cars with that of the sedan cars, there are other factors that can help you make your decision. Here are some factors that can be compared between SUV and sedan to make a choice:


As far as interiors are concerned, the sedan takes the upper hand. Most sedans have plush interiors as compared to the similar priced SUV. This does not mean that the interiors of the SUVs are any way less in beauty or opulence. It’s just that the sedans have more sophisticated styling and trimming.


Considering space, the SUVs are undoubtedly better. They offer more cargo and cabin space. The headroom is much better than any sedan. The legroom in a sedan is good while in a SUV it is good in the first and second row. The third row in a SUV can be slightly cramped.

High speed stability

SUVs have a high ride height which means that they are not as stable as the sedans while cornering. Sedans having a low ride height are stable and offer reduced body roll while cornering.

Performance on Bad Roads

This is an area where the SUVs excel. They are ideal for off-road situations and terrains. Whether it is driving on sand, gravel, water or slippery roads, the SUVs are far better than the sedans.

The sedans offer much better comfort and reduced bumpiness when on a bad road. The ride quality is good. SUVs too offer comfortable ride on bumpy roads.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of most SUVs is lesser than that of the sedans. This is due to their larger size and power. Sedans being sleeker offer better fuel efficiency.

It is good to choose a SUV if you have traverse on bad roads daily or have to carry more than 5 passengers usually. Sedans are better if you mostly travel on good urban roads.

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