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Car Disposal Solutions for the Eco-Friendly Motorist

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If your set of wheels have reached the point whereby repairs are no longer viable, you have little choice but to scrap the vehicle, and if you are going to do that, you must be sure that the process is as eco-friendly as possible.

  1. Professional Car Breakers – Whether you are looking for vehicle dismantlers in Weston-Super-Mare or Manchester, start with a Google search, which will give you a list of car breaker websites. Choose one that is established and reuses and recycles most of the vehicle, as this is much preferred to simply putting in into the crusher.
  2. Many Usable Components – Regardless of the make or model, there are many components that are usable, and with some cleaning and maintenance, these parts can be reused by motorists who are looking to save some money and buy used car parts. Everything from a wing mirror to a reconditioned engine would be on offer at your local car breakers yard, and they even give warranties on their parts.
  3. Metal Recycling – The chassis can be melted down and reused, which is a better solution than a landfill, and the car breaker would offer you a fair price for your vehicle.


    The vehicle dismantler would handle the DVLC paperwork, which officially notifies that the vehicle no longer exists, plus they would pay you cash on the spot, before taking the car to the breakers yard.

    This will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car is being stripped and reusable components will carry on providing motoring for many UK car owners who do not want to pay the high prices for new parts.




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