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Important Aspects of Vehicle Air-Conditioning

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For the past ten years, most UK vehicle manufacturers have added air-conditioning to their vehicles, as it does add to passenger comfort, and although the system isn’t normally used for half the year, it is a vital asset for the hot summers we now experience in our summers. Like every other major component on a car, the air-conditioning does require maintenance, and the best time to have your vehicle a/c looked at is during the spring, just before the arrival of summer.

  1. Checking the Refrigerant Level – Over a period of time, the gas used in vehicle a/c needs to be topped up, otherwise the air-conditioning will not perform as it should, and if you’re a/c gas levels fall too low, you might need car air-conditioning repair in Bexhill-On-Sea, which is not expensive.
  2. General Inspection – As the air-conditioning is not used for many months, it can become clogged up with insects and other debris, and with a service just prior to the summer, everything can be checked.
  1. Checking the Compressor – A major component of the air-conditioning is the compressor, and this should be closely inspected during the a/c service. In the event a component within the compressor needs replacing, the service engineer would make that recommendation.

During the months of March or April, this is the best time to have your cars air-conditioning system overhauled, and it will be ready to keep you cool throughout the long and hot summer. Don’t forget to include this in your spring service, along with the other essential items that need to be checked.

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